Like a girl.

We’ve all heard it and we know the implication. And if you’re into things like gender equality, phrases like this probably set a fire in you.

“Like a girl.” We’ve all heard it and we know the implication.”

Always shows a stark contrast between what the phrase “like a girl” means to little girls and what it means to men and women and a young boy. Over half of girls involved in sports drop out once they hit puberty. It’s not that one day they woke up and decided they don’t like their sport anymore. The change and uncertainty of female puberty brings the possibility of some horrifically embarrassing situations. So, the decision is that to avoid any of that, it’s just best to avoid sports entirely.

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This is a great campaign and may I suggest the issue goes even deeper? When I was in high school I remember a boy making a statement that went directly against Newton’s First Law, when I told him what he was talking about wouldn’t happen, he looked at his friends and said, “Yeah, like girls understand physics.” It wasn’t until all his friends chuckled that I realized they all thought that because I was a girl I lacked the capacity of understanding physics. Maybe if he had known about Katherine Johnson he wouldn’t have made such a statement. Katherine Johnson was the final check on the computer calculations used to bring home the Apollo 11 mission. That means she was more reliable than a computer to bring astronauts home from space!

“This is a great campaign and may I suggest the issue goes even deeper?”

One of the benefits of living in this moment in history is that there are more female heroes than ever to look up to. Our girls can pioneer ideas like Madam Curie, explore like Amelia Earhart and Sally Ride, innovate like Grace Hopper, rule like Elizabeth I, train like Jackie Joyner-Kersee, write like Lillian Smith, sing like Ella Fitzgerald, and calculate like Katherine Johnson. Katherine Johnson gives us the answer. When asked about how she dealt with inequality she said, “I didn’t have time for that. My dad taught us ‘you are as good as anybody in this town, but you’re no better.’”



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