Homeless Citizens Get a ‘Clean Break’ with Mobile Showers

Jake Austin, a pastor from Missouri, purchased a $5,000 dollar truck on craigslist and then he converted it into a mobile shower unit. Now he drives around and helps...

The Purpose Hotel Changes the World While You Sleep

Jeremy Cowart has been known as a celebrity photographer, app creator, and the co-founder of the Help-Portrait project. Now he wants to be known for changing the...

‘Yes I Can’ Campaign Reveals Paralympic Superhumans

Featured on the Channel 4 trailer for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games,THE SUPERHUMAN BAND bring you the toe-tapping "YES I CAN" Made up of a group of sixteen incredibly...

Moms are the Heroes of the ‘Pick Them Back Up’ Campaign

A lesson that moms all over the world learn is “Pick them back up!” Children stumble while learning how to crawl, while learning how to walk, while...

UV Camera Shows the Effects of the Sun’s Rays on Your Skin

Artist Thomas Leveritt uploaded this video highlighting the effects of UV on the skin . He sets up a UV sensitive camera and passes out the sunscreen!!...

How to Champion Confidence for Girls

Like a girl. We’ve all heard it and we know the implication. And if you’re into things like gender equality, phrases like this probably set a fire in...

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