The Magic of Action Movie Kid

There is something really special about pure imagination. A child’s creativity is truly so wide and unstoppable that the only time reality becomes a roadblock is when...

Fighting Spam Phone Calls with The Jolly Roger Telephone Company

Are you constantly being harassed by unwanted spam phone calls? You may want to see what the folks at the California based telephone company, Jolly Roger, can...

Correlation and Causation

If you are the kind of person who likes to learn odd facts like the coincidence of the spiking in accidental drownings in pools and how they...

The Only Effective Way Americans Can Learn the Metric System

Pokemon Go, was released in many different countries throughout the month of July 2016. Since then it has became a global phenomena, the app has been download...

Artificial Intelligence Computer Writes Awkward Short Film ‘Sunspring’

Sunspring, a short science fiction film that's not entirely what it seems. It's about three people living in a weird future, possibly on a space station, probably in...

The Expert – A Hilarious Parody

Everyone loves to laugh. The Expert is a short film from 2014 is a witty and sadly semi-realistic office parody that will have you laughing in no...

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