Our generation is seemingly the “nostalgic” generation. Everyone likes it when part of their childhood can be found with a modern twist that is aimed for more adult life. Those that grew up in the 90’s and early 2000’s are already craving that familiar flare.

“Our generation is seemingly the “nostalgic” generation.”


Makers of movies, games and toys are loving the need of throwbacks. There is one classic, yet simple toy that we as well as our grandparents and great-grandparents enjoyed, the marble!

That is why it is no shock that in 2007 a talented design team from Switzerland Jodoc Elmiger and Valérie Jacquemet developed the Giant Marbles for an art competition. They are really beautiful to see. The colors and the turning-like lines that our childhood marbles had are magnified, bringing to mind the reason we loved to look at them. These Giant Marbles add a nice whimsical, childlike element to one’s home, and at the same time giving the owner a classy, art collector feel. Elegant yet understated!


Back in 2004, Elmiger opened his glass and design studio where he teaches a small team of artisans, unique skills. They service to private clients, artists, designers and well known architects. In the past he has also partnered with fellow artists Claude Bæchtold and Christophe Moinat.

Up until 2013, Elmiger focused on staring businesses with the financial and developmental support of Swiss company Minizepp SA. Elmiger has taken advantage of his experiences creating personal industrial design projects and developing various artistic series like flying pigments and photography of the free well of 3D reconstruction software.

Jacquemet is a graduate of ECAL, she a multimedia artist, aside from design she writes and performs slam poetry, dances and has a talent for visual art.





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