Melissa McCracken, has an unusual talent that should be celebrated. She paints music! The Missouri born and raised artist was a teenager when she realized that her seeing colors in everything (including numbers and letters) was not what others people experienced.

“an unusual talent that should be celebrated. She paints music!”

McCracken has the condition, Synesthete. She sums it up as “Synesthete is a neurological condition where your brain is basically cross-wired. So certain stimuli will come in and it will create the “wrong” response in my brain. For me, that’s listening to music and its translated into color in my head.”

McCracken has a large collection of her unique paintings. Although pop is not her favorite type of music “Some songs that I hate, I kind of like the way they look a little bit” She tries to find a way to appreciate the song somehow. She does love, the fun and bright pinks and purples that pop bring to her mind. Jazz is what she considers to be the “prettiest genre”, saying that it is pearly and iridescent with its blues, whites and golds.


In her aw-inspiring works she uses palette knives and brushworks to add swirls and layers. Melissa McCracken’s art is like elegant explosions of color, that are truly fresh and breathtaking.

[via great big story]



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