Designer Jae-Hyo Lee, has a unique style of mixing metals and found/repurposed wood, creating art work that is also functional pieces of furniture. His designs are simply breathtaking, yet somehow understated all at the same time.

Lee was born in 1965 in South Korea. Since graduating from The Hongik University with a Bachelor’s degree in Plastic Art he has successfully hosted many solo exhibits in his native country of Korea, as well as in Japan, China, The United States of America and The United Kingdom. His work has not just garnered him a highly respectable reputation in his field but has also earned him awards as well, including the Grand Prize of Osaka Triennial and the Young Artist of the Day which was presented by the Ministry of Culture of Korea both of which he won in the same year; 1998.

His creations really do speak for themselves; they are beautifully carved from discarded pieces of wood primarily. They are pieces of modern art with a retro feel, and even have a borderline fairyland, medieval-fantasy flare like something from The Chronicles of Narnia or The Lord of The Rings.

“They are beautifully carved from discarded pieces of wood primarily.”

Each of his pieces rather it be an art sculpture, a bench, a stool or a table they are inspired and brought to life with a stunning blend of sleek and rustic elements in a truly rare way. It is almost hard to believe that Lee is known to use found logs and fallen branches to create such beautiful masterpieces.

Speaking on his work Lee has said “I want to express the wood’s natural characteristics without adding my intentions,” he added. “I like to make the most out of the material’s inherent feeling. Little things add up to transmit a stronger power, greater energy. That is why I have quite a lot of large pieces.” He is craftsman with an inherently pure love for natural and its awe-inspiring beauty.

“I want to express the wood’s natural characteristics without adding my intentions,”-Jae Hyo Lee

In 2008 Lee won yet another prestigious award The Prize of Excellence in the Olympic Landscape Sculpture Contest. His works are highly sought after by art collectors in America, Asia and Europe as well. It is easy to understand why while looking at his attention-grabbing art.

Jae-Hyo Lee now lives and creates his art in the post populated province in all of South Korea, Gyeonggido. Photographs of his studio show just a glimpse into a large industrial space full of cut wood waiting to be selected and transformed.



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