Being a part of a universe where distractions are a constant combatant, procrastination is a word that many of us are familiar with. This procrastination problem is a habit that a majority of the population struggles with on a daily basis.

“This procrastination problem is a habit that a majority of the population struggles with on a daily basis.”

Though procrastination may not be a problem that can be eliminated entirely, it certainly is a habit that can be reduced by discovering the reason you procrastinate and how to create an environment where those reasons are minimized.

There are several different reasons people put projects off which are, unsurprisingly, mirrored by many faunae in the world around us. Although there may be multiple reasons for foregoing your responsibilities or putting your priorities out of mind, it is our hope that these diagnosis’ and prevention plans can help you stay on task.

A Sheep

Sheep are known for being pleasant animals, preferring to avoid conflict and stressful situations in general. If you are a sheep the odds are you prefer to do the more pleasant task at hand, even if it means putting an important deadline on the back burner.

One way for a sheep to try and combat their procrastination is to complete the targeted task as quickly as possible, in order to make more time and room for more preferable activities. Another way for this type of procrastination is to try to focus on the end goal. In other words, why are you doing what you’re doing? What is the purpose? Keeping the end goal in mind can keep your focus on the future instead of the comfort of the present.

An Ostrich

Everyone knows that ostriches run around haphazardly and stick their heads in the sand. This means that if you’re an ostrich, you procrastinate because of disorganization. When you lack organization, it is difficult to discern which task should be done next. This often is manifested by projects of little importance being completed or misinterpreting deadlines.

A great way to help an ostrich become organized is to create a prioritized to-do list. A list written out in this way will assist this type of procrastinator by establishing priorities and keeping deadlines straight. This extra organization will also help an ostrich break down their task into smaller, more manageable steps.


When a piece of coral gets stressed, it literally dies. So chances are if this is your type of procrastination, that stressful or overwhelming situations are your nemesis. This means that coral will avoid overwhelming projects in favor of less pressing projects. Unfortunately, this usually backfires and adds more stress to an already jam-packed deadline.

Whenever a coral begins to procrastinate, a positive way to kick start being proactive is to remind of your own personal strengths. If someone is overwhelmed by a task, it is often because they feel under-qualified. By reminding yourself of elements that only you can bring to the task, your motivation can be increased. Also, a coral can try different stress-relieving techniques that have worked in their experience before, like burning a candle, listening to calming music, taking regular breaks, etc.

A Spider

Those who relate with the spider variation of procrastination are perfectionists. This tends to be the most common reason for procrastinating. Spiders either put the work off until they are in the perfect place, state of mind, have the perfect idea, etc. or they keep working on a project into infinity, just to make sure it is blemish free. Both of these habits push a deadline far beyond what it should be in the first place.

Spiders can reduce procrastination by setting an end date for their project. That is, a date that their project needs to be finished. Not a date when their project needs to be perfect. Another great way for spiders to become more proactive is to remember the freedom to begin a task, regardless of current mood. The editing room is always open.

Always remember, procrastination is a worldwide problem. You’re not the only one who deals with it. There are plenty of other people who have gone through the problem you’re going through. Don’t be afraid to ask. Some scholars even argue that procrastination increases creativity. Just don’t let the present extend your project into the realm of infinity because we all know, only Buzz Lightyear has the guts to go there.



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