There is something really special about pure imagination. A child’s creativity is truly so wide and unstoppable that the only time reality becomes a roadblock is when adults put it there. Don’t you remember when you were child and your mind could morph anything for your own amusement, and you really didn’t even have to try? Remember the days when it didn’t matter if you were inside or outside, you could do anything or go anywhere? But sadly, at some point, we must all start to grow up and we have to put those thoughts of daring adventures and out-of-this-world ideas aside.

“Don’t you remember when you were child and your mind could morph anything for your own amusement”

But when you have your own children or get to spend time with young kids, you see how they play and how their minds work, and you remember those same games and thoughts. It is a thrilling thing to remember and experience that awesome rush of childhood imagination as it washes over you. Now imagine, if you could literally watch those pretend games of daring adventures happen, if you could see with your own eyes that the floor is indeed made of boiling lava, that you could soar in the sky, and go beyond into outer space, or use a light-saber to cause some serious damage in the store. Well thanks to the people at Action Movie Kid you can!

Kids often dream of flying, mountain climbing and all sorts of wonderful crazy things, and the people at Action Movie Kid, embrace it. They use special effects in their visually stunning videos to make the little one’s dreams come true, how cool is that?

They have videos where all sorts of awesome things happen. Make sure to like and follow Action Movie Kid on Facebook and join their growing fan base of over 190,000 people so you don’t miss their next big adventure!

“join their growing fan base of over 190,000 people”

Daniel Hashimoto, has been with DreamWorks for many years and has worked on many movies including “How to Train Your Dragon.” Let’s not forget to credit the star, little James Hashimoto!

I know that I can’t be the only one who can’t wait to see what types of videos this father and son team will work on as James starts to come up with some ideas, you know this father will gladly help him hone in on his creativity.



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