Kevin O’Donnell is the inventor of this genius invention. It was brought to life with the help of Boyd Bruner. Modobag “Changing the way the world travels!” It acts as your own little indoor car if you will; saving you time being 3 times faster than walking as it can go up to eight miles-per-hour. It’s not just efficient in size being counted as a carry-on that will fit in the overhead, (being TSA and FAA approved) it actually holds what you need plus it is smart, and by that I mean it can charge your devices, and with iPods, laptops and Smartphones who wouldn’t like that? Oh, don’t worry about losing it, it has an optional GPRS tracking system too!

“Changing the way the world travels!”

O’Donnell got the idea for the Modobag when his kids would ride on his suitcase while the family was travel together. He says he thought, “We’re gonna put motors in these.” Which is the moment he called his friend, a competitive motorcyclist, to work through the details.


“We’re going to put motors in these.”


It works for children and adults (of various sizes). Who would have ever guessed that there would come a day when you could race your luggage? It’s going to be great for the weary business traveler, the people who easily get short of breath, the kid stuck at the airport- that needs something to do, and anyone that just wants to take it a little easy.



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