Have you cried today? Are you looking for an emotional, feel good, flowing river of happy tears? Well, let me tell you all about Allegro’s commercial entitled “Costume Party.” For those of you who are not familiar with the company, it is a Polish auction website. In a way, you could say it’s Poland’s eBay. The premise of the ad and the tagline are one in the same “Czego szukasz?” and since not all of us speak the beautiful Polish language, let me translate for you, “What are you looking for?”

In the video we see an adorable little red haired girl with an invitation to a costume party, and as any parent knows, you want to see your child happy and you want your child to be whatever they set their heart upon. So the mother takes her girl to the store and soon dreams are dashed as another little girl has the same costume.

“you want to see your child happy”

The young girl’s mother does what many mothers have, she makes it her goal to get her little one a costume like no other. She is a mother on a mission. Digging out the sewing machine she makes one costume after another trying to please the little girl.

But from the green dinosaur, the whimsical rain cloud, the super shiny space-woman, throwback mummy, the multi-colored and festive clown, the bright rainbow, the busy bumble bee, the exotic bird to something that resembles a scarecrow, all left the little girl less than thrilled.

Finally the little girl drops a hint. Which altogether surprises and confuses the mother that had been working so hard. The little girl however is as happy as can be! On their way to the party you can see the concern on her mother’s face as she is wondering what the other kids will think of her daughter’s costume.

[via theinspirationroom]



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