Thirty-something year-old photographer Stefan Draschan, is someone who makes his own fun at museums in a very witty and imaginative way.

There are all sorts of people with different opinions regarding art and we are each moved by different pieces.

A quote that is frequently used by my girlfriend’s dad is “If it isn’t by Bob Ross, or something that looks like a Bob Ross painting it’s not really art.” However I have an aunt who is one of those people that could look at a painting for half an hour and soak it all in and see the beauty and the meaning behind every stroke of the paint brush.

As you look at these photographs just keep in mind that these people are not staged nor are they in on it at all, it is a well planned out and orchestrated photoshoot, it is just an ironic twist of fate that made all this possible.

“keep in mind that these people are not staged”

Mr. Draschan enters a museum and than just waits for precisely the right person to come along and to look at the right painting. A waiting game that would seem soul sucking and taxing to most, but to this Austrian, France-based photographer finds it to be well worth it. And looking at his collection of these amusing pairings, I think we can all agree that we are thankful for his imagination, patience, and determination.

Yes some of the pairings are more astonishing than others, but you have to admit that it is really something to think about. How often would you match a masterpiece? How often do you unintentionally blend in with your surroundings?

“How often would you match a masterpiece?”

Although I can’t help but wonder what these people are thinking as they came in contact with a painting that matches their outfit, do they see it as amusing or maybe even embarrassing? After all a painting hanging on the wall at a museum is acting as their personal camouflage, that does not happen everyday. Maybe they don’t even put it all together. Who knows.

Perhaps these people are drawn to these pieces of art because they speak to them, just like their clothing did at the store. Our choice in clothes in an outward expression of ourselves, so why would we not gravitate toward art and other various elements of design for the exact same reason?



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