The Greek experimental artist Petros Vrellis has become known as the man who thought of “A new way to knit”. 

Vrellis, who has been a part of many exhibitions held around the world was born in Greece in 1974. At the age of twenty five in 1999 he started working as a project engineer. Not long after earning his Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering in 1997 at the University of Patras located in Greece. Years later he earned a masters degree in Art Sciences from the University of Ioannina also located his home land of Greece in 2010.

With the rapid developments being made in computer sciences a new art form was born and new levels of expression were finally able to be realized, this type of art has played a big part in the career of Petros Vrellis. Vriellis who often combines his advice technological background with his unique eye for art, is a true visionary who is known to break the rules and play around with what no one else may have ever thought of. 

“With the rapid developments being made in computer sciences a new art form was born and new levels of expression were finally able to be realized”

His name has been linked to a unique art form by using string to create imagines of faces and recreating art from the renascence era. This style of art is what has earned him the title as the inventor of “A new way to knit.” His work become highly sought after and both critics and collectors agree that Mr. Vrellis is a visionary.

You may be wondering how this process is done. It is simple to Vrellis an expression of art, yet to others it is a tedious theory made to look easy in a mind blowing way.

He starts with a metal circle loom and a single (very long) strand of black thread. He criss-crosses and ziggs-zags the thread in a precise manner, the various layering of the black thread will give form, shape and depth to the vision in his mind.  

A list of his many exhibitions include the following: Athens video art festival, Athens, Greece in 2009, Erysichthon – A new reading of the myth, Athens, Greece in 2010, Museum of Greek children’s art, Athens, Greece in 2011, N4YP – international festival, Berlin, Germany in 2012, FILE festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2012, My dream exhibition, Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2012,  Visioneca – International film festival, Isle of Wight, UK in 2012, MediArthek, Heilbronn University, Kunzelsau, Germany in 2013, FILE festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2013, KLIK festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2013, FILE festival, Curitiba, Brazil in 2014, Alberobello Light Festival, Bari, Italy in 2015, and Museum of Science, Boston, USA in 2015.



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