Drone Racing is a new high speed competitive sport. Pilots steer from the point of view of the drone by wearing First Person View (FPV) goggles that display a live image transmitted by an onboard camera. They fly these quad-copter drones through obstacle courses all around the world at speeds up to 120mph. Drones are built by their pilots for varying standards of performance like speed and agility.

“They fly these quad-copter drones through obstacle courses all around the world at speeds up to 120mph.”


The demands of the obstacle courses require these drones to maneuver very quickly. The drones utilize a special function that allows them to be operated unassisted by the pilot. While this does increase their speed and agility, it also increases the difficulty for the pilot to control them.

Drone Races remote control goodkinIn the world of drone racing, technology is king. This competitive sport wouldn’t be possible without many recent advancements in tech like VR goggles and chip-processors. Even with these considerations drones still have many limitations, like only being about to move forward and limited onboard camera placement.

“In the world of drone racing technology is king.”


Drone Racing GoodkinDRL’s website gives us some insight into some of the specifics that pilots need to be familiar with, “They use high performance Electronic Speed Controllers which modulate the amount of power that goes to motors, allowing them to speed up quickly or slow down suddenly. Flight controllers on racing drones contain a simple hardware, with most of the performance coming from software that offers minute adjustments to perfect and tune. The frame is built from sturdy, light weight carbon fiber and made to withstand impact.”


drone races internal lights goodkinDrone racing is getting traction as a sport, it will actually be airing on ESPN in Fall on 2016! Now its just a matter of time until the pilots are flying in the cockpit instead of with a remote control.

[via the drone racing league]



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