Jeremy Cowart has been known as a celebrity photographer, app creator, and the co-founder of the Help-Portrait project. Now he wants to be known for changing the world with what he is calling “The Purpose Hotel.” For the last ten years, Cowart has photographed stars like Taylor Swift, Gwyneth Paltrow, The Civil Wars, and Ryan Seacrest. Travel has been a major part of his life as a photographer, along with staying at many, many hotels. None of them have left him impressed, but not in the way you might think. He’s creating an a new chain of the most socially impacting hotels you’ve ever seen.

“you touch a hundred lives or more locally and internationally. You literally change the world in your sleep.”

Cowart says that better hotel stays leave feeling more refreshed than you when you checked in, but if you can help change the lives of others in the process, it will be the best hotel stay ever. He’s putting his money where his mouth is as founder of a the ambitious new project called The Purpose Hotel, where every product used will help support a special cause or outreach. He intends to “change the world while you sleep,” by addressing issues like poverty, clean water, and human trafficking.

At The Purpose Hotel, people are the purpose! Everything in the hotel benefits others. By backing The Purpose Hotel, you become part of a larger movement.

“The Purpose Hotel features top-of-the-line products and materials that contribute to social good.”

The goods and services that make a guest’s stay comfortable and luxurious help improve the quality of life for people around the world. The design and operations teams strive to source items that maximize the number of people who benefit from the jobs it takes to create, manufacture and fulfill them.


“For the last decade, I have been traveling around the world, shooting for, collaborating with, speaking with and meeting incredible nonprofits,” Cowart says. “Their founders and teams have become close friends, but I’ve never understood the bigger picture until now. My journey has led me to this moment, where I get the opportunity to help all of them through The Purpose Hotel. What a gift. I could not be more thrilled to move forward on this journey together.”

The Purpose Hotel’s Kickstarter describes its intention that no two hotel stays will be the same for any guest.

“This hotel will generate jobs and innovate opportunities for people who need it most, whether they live in the neighborhood or on the other side of the world.”

The Purpose Hotel has a “1 for 100” benefit model in that each stay, a guest will be able to help 100 lives or more. “We can build something that changes lives and becomes a defining mark of this generation. What will we be remembered for? We can leave a legacy of purpose, hope and freedom. (Or we can be known for Pokémon Go.)”

From blankets to specialty soaps to room furniture — a variety of different charities will benefit from those who stay at The Purpose Hotel including: Charity: Water, Compassion International, Dignify, Exile International, Fashionable, Food for the Hungry, HOPE International, International Justice Mission, Legacy Building, Mission Lazarus, Preemptive Love Coalition, Project 615, Project 7, Raven + Lily, People of the Second Chance, The Giving Keys, Thistle Farms, To Write Love on Her Arms, and Zenith Cleaners.

The very first Purpose Hotel is planned to be built in Nashville, Tennessee. Those who join the Kickstarter at the co-founder level will find a photo of their face shown on the walls of every Purpose Hotel built.

“We’re not just building a hotel chain; we’re innovating a business model that reimagines the hotel concept and allows hundreds of organizations to multiply their efforts and hundreds of thousands to fulfill their purpose — including yours,” says Cowart.


Why crowdfund? Founded on the belief that what unites us is more powerful than the boundaries that divide us, The Purpose Hotel wants to be built communally on the internet.

“The idea of this hotel being built for the world, by the world is a far more beautiful narrative than the traditional for-profit launch. The Purpose Hotel is a rallying point. It’s a junction where community, justice, microenterprise, technology, art and design intersect,” says Cowart.

“Let’s show the world what we can do together and build out this vision at a level never seen or imagined. ”

Since its initial release, Cowart has also released a series of videos describing unique features of the hotel:

[via inquisitr and the purpose hotel kickstarter]




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